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Christmas Party - Single Saturday Long Dinner

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HomeFront Christmas Party

A long table dinner with fantastic local food and Phillip Shaw wines.
This is on the Saturday Night after the "Local only" Competition is finished.

On Ramp

The CrossFit 101 (On Ramp) sessions are a compulsory part of being able to start the general HomeFront CrossFit sessions. The CrossFit 101 (On Ramp) session will also enable you to train at over 5500 CrossFit Affiliates worldwide. 

The CrossFit 101 (On Ramp) class is designed to introduce you to the methodology and basic movements of CrossFit. We will go through:
  • What Is CrossFit.
  • What Is Fitness.
  • Our Community.
  • Nutrition.
Over the day we go through all the basic movements of CrossFit and how to scale exercises and the progression to complicated movements. 

See You Soon

Gus & Sal